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Sorrento Silver Star

Amalfi Coast Private Tour and Shore Excursion

Sorrento Silver Star is located in Sorrento, it has been operating from many years in the tourism industry of minivans and limousines, with professional drivers and cars fitted with all the comforts that assure the maximum safety courtesy punctuality and disponibility 24 hours a day.

Thanks to our Silver Star car service site, you are about to discover a very interesting way to travel in the Campania region where you can experience all the natural beauties of our wonderful land and in general you can explore the beautiful landscapes of Italy.

In particular we organize Amalfi Coast private tours, transfers and excursions in the Campania region and around other Italian cities, and we also give you the opportunity to trace your ancestors around the region, taking you there and being your interpreter for an in-depth experience of the wonderful archaeological sites a tour guide is available at you request. Recommended by Rick Steves


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Historical and heritage tours

Do you want know about history of Amalfi Coast and Campania region? We travel back in time and get acquainted with the rich history of Herculaneum and Pompeii, the two most important archaeological sites in Campania.
Discover how roman cities were like 2000 years ago and how ancient Romans lived.
Pompeii was one of the most important commercial ports in Roman times, situated at the mouth of the river Sarno, buried by the devastating force of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D.
The city was rediscovered by chance 16 centuries later and today is the most visited archaeological site in Italy

Herculaneum was the residential town along the Naples Bay that was buried by the torrential lava of Mount Vesuvius along with Pompeii. Herculaneum is smaller than Pompeii but not less interesting, in fact here you will find the same kind of buildings of Pompeii with better preserved artistic elements (mosaics, frescoes, and original timber of the roofs).

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Sorrento Hill Side & Cooking Lesson


Why you do not combine the Sorrento Country Side and a cooking Lesson on the hills of Sorrento? The tour starts from hotels/ train station/port etc.…

You will visit the main villages of the Sorrento hills, Sant’Agata overlooking the 2 Bays, Massa Lubrense with its lemon groves, you will visit the olive oil farm and the limoncello factory, but also have the chance to learn how to make the pizza or the fresh pasta and other local dishes.

The tours lasts minimum 6/7 hours

You will be driven in luxury Mercedes van or sedan with English speaking driver.

For more details and quotes please contact us

Sorrento Silver Star


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