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Castel Civita

The magic results of the wash manifested to way clearer in the Bertarelli´s cave, of immense proportions, in the bat´s areas, in the "Desert", go beyond it we arrive at room "Principe di Piemonte", a real dome where turn into the cave "Boegan". Further the "Avenue of the Temple", full of pillars, and after the fork of the Horrid, catch up the "Baptistery", the lake "Siphon", the "Titan's Jump" to catch up the lake "Terminal". The entrances of the caves opened on a large square, to the western slopes of the Alburni Mountains, on the right of the river Calore and to 94 metres at sea level. Crossed the gate-way, the vault elevates and caught themselves to dismayed sense. The cave is a follow one another of tunnels, saloons, bottlenecks and wells, they run after themselves, they superimpose one on another, they plunge on falls and fearful chasms where horrible and fantastic alternate themselves in a rainbow of colours, starting a unique particular in their way: lemons, a face of cherub, bunches of grapes, big crib and the Pagoda. The Cave, holds particular interest to the enormous saloons, cathedrals, corridors and wide tunnels, all wonderfully decorate to an extraordinary wealth of concretions to the shapes more various that the nature could to create. At the foot of a limestone wall rises the entrance that it asks to undertake a striking and particular journey into the deepest bowels of the earth, coloured by green cliffs. After few metres of journey there is the cave called the Guano, represented a circular and immense mouth; we're going in the journey we meet tunnels, wells, bottlenecks whose exploration infuses an irresistible curiosity.

More forward there is a big cave dedicated to the guide Luigi Vittorio Bertarelli, where in perfect vertical raises a wonderful pillar and near it’s an elegant stalagmite. The whole is dominate by more numerous stalactites imitate motifs architectural of most interest. In the bat's areas notice of the concretions darker because corroded to acid substances; from here we arrive into the Desert whose flouring seems sandy and level. Further the Desert arrive at the big room Principe di Piemonte particular for the presence of a pillar constituted to elegant elements to horizontal disc. Instead into the tunnel called Boegan the spectator finds in front to a stately stage constituted to pillars stalagmited and hundreds of stalactites reunited harmoniously in a limited area. Sundry articles the Palaeolithic age, discovered in the last years, they did to think that the cave was lived continuously from Stone Age to Iron Age. Furthermore that was described till now; the cave presents other ones innumerable natural motifs worthy and important. 


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